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Questions to Ask

As previously mentioned, if the infant was born at the hospital and left there, some information may already be on the record. However, if the infant is abandoned at any of the other approved locations, the parent will be given a voluntary medical history form and asked some questions about the infant.

It is not required that the parent answer the questions or complete the form. If the person abandoning an infant chooses to provide information, it will be kept confidential and will be used only to obtain a new birth certificate for the infant and provide care for the infant. The only questions will be these:

The city/state/time/place of the birth of the infant

Does either parent have an Indian tribal affiliation? If yes, what tribe? (If the infant’s tribal affiliation is known, the Indian Child Welfare Act will apply and the tribe will be contacted by CPS about possible tribal membership).

Whether a birth certificate was issued and the first name on the birth certificate

Any health problems the parents may have

Any other information about the infant's medical, social and family history

A medical history form for the infant will be provided. This can be filled out onsite or mailed back at a later time.